Sunday, July 26, 2015

To The Finish! Our 18th Anniversary

 You know you are die hard theme park junkies when you go to Busch Gardens for your anniversary.  It's true and we are ok with that!  Our second official date was to Six Flags in St. Louis. 
 My gift was 18 roses, bracelet, and GuyLian chocolates- YUMMY!!!! 
 Much more than the yummy chocolates though is the gift of starting over.  You know sometimes you have to fight for your marriage.  You have to take the thought process of starting over.  Not that you can erase the past because you can't.  You can't gloss over it, but God does allow healing to take place and for you to start over with each other. 
 This takes ongoing practice of learning more about your spouse.  Who are they?  What are their likes and why?  Why do they react to you the way they do?  What is their love language (which by the way over the years can change)?  What are their faults and hangups?  Are there things that we need to work out? 

The questions go on and on, but it is all about learning so you can both grow!  That's right it takes both of you to have the start over attitude.  However, if one of you starts the ball rolling you would be amazed at the results.  I love the Movie Fireproof!  Why because it was a challenge and I love a good challenge.  I think it has to do with my stubborn streak ;).

 The challenge is to study your spouse, but not expect them to change.  (Repeat this to yourself a few times.)

The change starts with you making small changes.  Praying for your spouse and for you to see healing.  Doing something intentional to be kind to the other.  Giving them gifts (according to their love languages).  Being available to them.  Offer them help with what they normally do.  Showing affection even if it is a small token to begin with.  Doing these things regularly.
 In the movie he is challenged to do new things every day that take time and care on his part.  In the beginning he doesn't want to do it.  He is just going through the motions, but by the end God had worked a miracle in his heart and he was chasing after his wife.  Who notices this huge change. 
 It is easy to try to think of all the big things in our marriage or you in your marriage that need help.  It is easy to focus on the impossibility of you making those changes- so don't.  Work on things you can.  If your spouse is up for it work on those little things together.  If not work on it yourself because I guarantee if you are falling in love with God and chasing after your spouse they will notice. 
 This is not a cure all, but a place to start the healing in your marriage.  All I can say is personal testimony- God has brought us through 4 years of rough, hard, difficult, throw in the towel times.  Both of us have stuck with it when it would have been easy to call it quits and we have repledged- To The Finish!
I will love him To The Finish!  He will still make mistakes and so will I.  Many many many many many mistakes.  We will go through rough patches again.  We will have to face mountains together again.  God has spoken to us clearly to hang in there.  We are each others gift.



  1. Congrats. And thank you for being honest about hard times.

  2. Congrats on the Anniversary! Rejoicing with you over the new work that the Lord is doing in your marriage. Hugs & Prayers!

  3. Congratulations!!!Lovely Kids !!!
    God bless You!!!
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