Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Questions about Christian Adoption Consultants- Answered!

I am writing a post for those of you I know who are curious, but maybe you just haven't gotten around to asking your questions about Christian Adoption Consultants.  I am going to take some of the most common questions that I have gotten, but if you have more please call me, email me, or leave a comment on my blog and I will be happy to answer them for you.  

1)  Is there a need for domestic adoption?  

Now if you would have asked me this same question before we adopted domestically I would have said- no.  I just personally didn't think there was a need because all I heard was how people waited years and years to adopt.  

When we originally signed on with Christian Adoption Consultants as clients and they said typically families match within a year I had my doubts.  Now after doing 2 adoptions with CAC ourselves as well as helping many, many clients I have seen that it is true!  

 2)  When should I sign on with Christian Adoption Consultants?

Typically they are asking if they should sign on before they start their home study, during, or after their home study is done.  The answer is any of the above.  Although there are some advantages to signing on earlier in the process.  

Some of those advantages are that we can give you financial education, give you home study and agency guidance, as well as create a professional profile for you in those early stages.  Sometimes this can help you get a great start!  

3)  How does Christian Adoption Consultants work?  

We help you network with multiple agencies that are ethical and need adoptive families. This gives you a huge advantage and helps you match quicker.  It also gives you the control of saying yes or no to situations based on if they are in your budget or match what would be a good fit for your family. We work with agencies that work in adoption friendly states as well so typically consents are signed in 48-72 hours. 

One of the greatest advantages is having your own personal advocate with a lot of experience helping to answer questions along the way and giving you personal support throughout the entire process.    

4)  Is there a time limit in working with you?  

No.  We know that sometimes things just take time.  We want you to relax as much as possible along the way.  If it takes a while to find the best home study agency, time to raise funds, or apply for grants then we want to give you all the time you need.  

5)  Can families with children adopt?  

Yes.  As you can see from the pictures above we have families with children all the time that use CAC and adopt domestically.  We work with agencies that are family friendly.  In fact I have had a client that has 14 soon to be 15 children through their upcoming adoption.  Families with 6-8 children, families with 3 very young children that have all matched and brought children home.  

I hope this answers some of your questions about Christian Adoption Consultants.  

If you are interested now is a great time to get started!  
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Let me answer your questions today and help you get started on your adoption journey! 

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