Friday, May 23, 2014

Jonathan's Adoption Day and Sarah's 10th Birthday!!! Get away....and much more!!!

 Jonathan's 5th Adoption Day way on May 4th!!  Wow am I behind or what??  Ummm....yes well who can resist this face??  He is one cute little guy and man from that first referral picture we were hooked!!!!
 Happy Adoption Day!!!!!!  This little guy is full of surprises!  He is a practical joker and has the best giggle!  He loves snuggles, wrestling with his big brothers, swimming, anything having to do with Batman or Ninjago (not even sure how to spell it- you know that Lego things). 
 Those eyes!!!! 
 Doesn't get any cuter than our little Ethiopian sweetheart!!!!  He had a great day and loved his presents. 
 So on Jonathan's Adoption Day we went out to Dairy Queen....knowing that we were away the weekend before, and on Sarah's Birthday we were going to Disney.  So we decided to let everyone pick a treat and share the time :).  Gotta do what works. 
 I think Sarah and Jonathan loved the idea!!!  :)  So a fun time was had by all!
 Boys hanging out! 
 Daddy and his girls....
 My and little mister!!!  OH SO SOME AMAZING UPDATES with Michael.  And yes I need to be doing more posts because I definitely have a lot to say...just have some schedule changes that haven't allowed me to post! 

So back to the AMAZING MICHAEL!!!  He can now drink through a straw!!!!!  WAHOOOO!!!!!
ANNNDDDDD.......drum roll please.........he is feeding himself!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  So to understand how huge this is- Michael has never really held onto anything.  Part of that is sensory thing, but also his CP etc.  So he is now holding his spoon- enough so that he is scooping and feeding himself!!!!  Now of course he is a toddler and it is messy, and sometimes we help him "get the food" scooping motion down, but THIS IS SOOO HUGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Proud mommy moments :)
 And this young lady- turned 10!!!!!!!  Happy Birthday Sarah!!! 
 She got a nerf bow!!!  :) 
 So much fun because Sarah is really maturing and we love to see her personality develop.  She loves to sing and is very good!  She loves reading, playing with her sisters, and drawing and making notes.  Which I thoroughly enjoy!!!

 My sweetie!!!  She also is becoming quite the care taker and loves helping out with Michael.  I love seeing her work with him and love on him.  You can often find her reading to him or working on his walking.  This seriously warms my heart!!!
 Now this was our getaway weekend- the very first weekend of May!!  Whew a looonnnggg time ago now.  But like I said I dropped off the grid due to Joanna needing extra time with us at night.  Along with the fact I have been doing more home studies, and have had a lot going on with my clients with Christian Adoption Consultant- which is AMAZING!!!  (2 babies born just this week!!)

Oh and I have been sick.  :(  Which has not bee much fun at all!!  Over a week ago now I was diagnosed with kidney infection, but the medications they have given me really haven't helped.  I have however been using oils- which have definitely helped the pain.  They aren't sure now if that is it or if it is something else.  So we will see!!! 
 This was our room for the weekend.....nice!!!  Our bathroom was HUGE!!!  Our whole family could have fit in there and not touched each other!!!  CRAZY!!!  We stayed at the Waldorf Astoria- which is right next to Disney. 
 It was gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!!!  We left Friday- got back Sunday.
 The only bad part- it was raining all of Friday and Saturday :/, but we just dealt with it because hey at least we got some time away!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  It was nice to recharge and connect!!!!!
 Hey, just buy a rain poncho from Disney and get over it!!  So after the huge down pours right around lunch we went to the Magic Kingdom. 
 Saturday since it was raining again we went to Downtown Disney. 
 We had lunch at Planet Hollywood! 
 It's always fun to look around to see everything :).
 Aren't we cute? 
 Just me and Mr. Potato.....
 Who recognizes these toys??  Yep- I am old. 
 Drinks were on the house- he he he ....of course they were non alcoholic.....
 View out our front window. 
 Sunday before heading home we played a round of miniature golf at Disney. 
 Of course that day it was beautiful and sunny!!
 It was so fun there and because we have Florida residents weekday passes- we god 1/2 price!!  Sweet!!!
We definitely enjoyed our weekend!!!  THANKFUL for Joe and Lisa for looking after the kiddos for us too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  LOVE having those who love your children and willing to travel several hours to help you out and give you a break!  HUGE GIFT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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