Friday, August 30, 2013

WE ARE BACK!!!! :)

 Ahhhh......feels great to go on vacation, but it feels GREAT to be back HOME as well.  Now that we are back and getting unpacked today I knew that I should make a reappearance in the blog world too. 
 So the pictures today are from our trip to Busch Gardens before we left for vacation, but you know since I fell off the face of the blog world I thought I would use them first.  More posts and pictures will be coming soon!! 
 Awwww.....Joanna's a big girl now and riding on the "kiddie coaster" - how did this happen??  Of course Sarah is indicating that she is "too cool" ;)  in the picture. 
 So where in the world have I been?? 
 We decided that we would go back to Louisiana this year for vacation.  Not only did we go back, but we stayed at the Christian Camp we used to work at!  It was so fun and relaxing!!! 
 The new directors there are a couple that met while on our staff at Uskichitto Retreat Center!  They now have 2 children and are doing an amazing job there.  We are thrilled that they took over and have done amazing things including continuing to reach children for JESUS!  :) 
 The young lady who was our assistant while we were there still works there as well- and we enjoyed spending time with her and others that we worked with too!!!  IT WAS FUN! 
 We got to relive old memories, enjoy some camp activities as a family, and pretty much not on purpose, but take a technology break!  Other than coming to the office to get some internet- because we had to make sure to take care of our wonderful clients with Christian Adoption Consultants, we didn't have ongoing phone connection at all.  So it was good and helped us just relax a whole lot more without modern technology.  :) 
 We had camp fires, made home made ice cream - crank style, did pizza pie irons - more on that later, hiked, played mini golf, climbed the rock wall, hung out with former staff and present staff members, roasted hot dogs and smores, laughed, played, and so much more!!! 
 It was the kind of vacation where you just totally unwind.....remembering great times, creating new memories, and enjoy the present. 
 So now that we had our 16 hour trip there and yesterday we did our 16 hour trip home- I am over roadtripping for a while!
 Today consisted of unpacking everything, putting together some things for school- we home school and will start next week, and just surviving.  Oh and restocking our cupboards! 
 This next week we have start up to our new school year, as well as home school testing!  Fun times :)  and I am not being sarcastic....I LOVE IT!!!  For me it is ok to have summer and shorter school days, but I LOVE MY SCHEDULE!!!  I LOVE HOME SCHOOLING!!!!
 I am thrilled to get back to "normal" if you like.  It is my happy place.  It is hard for the kids and ME to be so flexible ;).  Just putting that out there because it is who I am. 
 I hope all of you are having a good back to school time whether your babes go off to school or you get to see them all day long. 
 Someone decided this little guy needed some "coolness factor" :).  Gotta admit- he is STINKING ADORABLE! 
 My sweeties enjoying the Summer Nights at Busch Gardens.  They love the little games they have set up, the hula hoop competitions, and we didn't stay this last time, but the fireworks are great too! 
 What is your favorite part of "back to school" / Start of Fall time?? 
 I love the schedule (I may have mentioned that once or twice), I love getting back to school more full time because we home school all year, but in the summer it is more relaxed, I love cooler days when it is bearable to go outside without swimming in the air, I love purging and cleaning and fresh starts!
Did I mention I love routine ;)! 

Ahhh.....LOVE being HOME!!!


  1. Love the pictures. Check out my blog post about girls.

  2. Welcome home and I am with you on the love love routine!