Friday, August 2, 2013

My BIG 4-0 BABY!!!! Remembering 32 years ago yesterday.........

 So my day started off with all the kiddos jumping in my bed singing happy birthday to me!!  :)
 Then my hubby bringing out a confetti gun- I mean one of those large tubes!!!  Yes....I spent a lot of yesterday cleaning it up.  No worries our home always needs a good scrub anyway ;). 
 Joanna is showing me her card :)......
 Surrounded by my babes.......
 And my hubby.........
 It was a great way to start the day!!!!
 I even had chocolate chip cookies with ice cream in the middle (cookies made by my kiddos)!  Hey at this point you know you only live once!  :)
 Balloon fight!!!  Then my hubby said he was giving me a surprise- one that we were supposed to do on our anniversary, but instead we were with Michael (obviously more important!!!). 
 This was part of my surprise!  A helicopter ride!!!!!
 Yes, of course we are both sharing photos on FB!!!!
 Aren't we cute? 
 Take a closer look- definitely cute ;)
 Sooo....up up and away!!!!  It was pretty smooth, a little bumpy, but not in a bad way at all.  It was more like we were floating.  Kind of like how I would imagine a super hero floats up into the sky. 
 Then.......another surprise!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
 He circled over our HOME!!!!  With my babes out front!!!!!!!!!  :)
 We also went over Busch Gardens!!!!  Whoop whoop!!!
 Sheikra- one of my favorite rides!!! 
 Then we flew over Tampa!  It was awesome!!!!!  I will spare you the many other pictures ;). was amazing!!
 THIS was the second part of my surprise- as if a helicopter ride over your home wasn't enough? 
 My aim with the camera stinks, but you can see the top of Jason's head ;). 
 It was great being in nature!
 It's rough......
 Making Jason do all the work ;)  Hey, he wanted to be in back. 
 Hey my British hubby!  Looking good! 
 We enjoyed a few hours.......of this......what is that you ask?  PEACE!!!
 We did see one alligator!  Of course I took a few pics and none were really clear - boo! 
 More of this - PLEASE!!!
 It was fun.....
 Then when we came home- my sweeties made me a home made angel food cake with home made buttercream frosting!!!  YUUMMMMMYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Yes- Jason put on 40 candles- stinker.
 Yes, the cake looked like a ball of fire! 
 This is me laughing because the smoke alarm went off- just from the sheer heat of this thing!  ;) 
Me - thinking how BLESSED I AM!!!!!  The BIG 4-0 isn't so bad?  ;)

32 years ago- yesterday...........MY TESTIMONY OF HOW I AM A WALKING MIRACLE :)

..............As it is my Birthday...I thought I would share some of my testimony of my life with all of you. I grew up in a Christian Family- they are wonderful. My parents taught us from a very early age abut scripture, God's Love for us, repentance, guidance, church, friends in Christ, and sooo much more. As with all children you never realize what you have until you are older or you miss it. That is how I feel as well. I used to cringe when people said I was just like my I consider it a high compliment. (more on that maybe in a later post.)

So a big part of my life that most people don't know....unless you have heard my testimony before is that I am a cancer survivor. When I was 8! Actually a day after my birthday is when I found out. We were on a camping trip with our family. I had the urge to use the restroom.....again and my parents took me to the doctor. They did tests thinking I had kidney failure. What they later found with more tests is a tumor that had shifted to leaning on my bladder.

They did a surgery a day later- 7 doctors.....14 hours later........and I was done. After a yearish of radiation therapy, hospital stays during the week, and coming home on weekends only......AND DID I MENTION LOTS AND LOTS AND LOTS AND LOTS AND LOTS AND LOTS OF PRAYERS SAID BY SOOOO MANY PEOPLE I WILL NEVER EVEN KNOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was healed- by our GREAT PHYSICIAN! I was officially pronunced cured at age 18!

This was a very difficult time for our family. My dad was a truckdriver, my 2 brothers stayed with grandparents, and we saw each other only on weekends. Very tough - on my brothers, on my parents, on me.....not to mention my dad lost his sister to cancer about 7 years prior to this happening.

My grandmother called me a "walking miracle"- which is soooo true!!! The cancer weighed a whopping 5 lbs. which for an 8 year old skinny girl was a lot! They took out anything that wasn't absolutely necessary for me to live- including all of my "female" organs, scrapped all kinds of organs, and took bits so they were triple sure to remove anything cancerous. They thought before surgery that it was benign, but discovered during surgery- it was malignant and had burst outside of itself. Making my recovery and life- A MIRACLE OF GOD!!!!

It doesn't get any better than that!!! To be born is a miracle of God!!! To be saved by HIS AMAZING Grace- another MIRACLE!!!! To be cured of cancer- ANOTHER HUGE MIRACLE!!!!!!!! What can I say- you all thought I was crazy and Blessed just because of our family, but I say everyday I am alive and can breath in and out - is a miracle Blessed By God!!!!

What can I mom was heartbroken that I would not be able to have children. She even had a crazy notion that she would have children for me.....and when she had to have a hysterectomy as well- cried her eyes out. When she told me about it.....I simply said- God has brought me this far and HE has a plan.

I remember those long days sitting and waiting for a doctors......all the mom would be reading scripture, devotions, praying, and just loving every minute she had with me! I could never know exactly what she and my family went through, but I do know that God did many miracles in all of our lives through this crazy, tough, hard- financially, physically, spiritually time.

Praise God I was able to see HIS plans and when He provided my AMAZING husband who loved me - no matter what. When HE provided each one of our little Miracles- I MEAN HUGE MIRACLES!!!!!!! It just goes to show HIS GLORY even more!!!!

I mean our life is a story that no one could just think up. 2 people from different countries camp.....a girl with cancer.....survives......they marry......and adopt 9 children ....I mean who could think that up??? Not me!

But, I am BLESSED on my Birthday to remember all of the many, many, many, many miracles God has given to me....and part of my calling is to share that with as many people as possible! So I wanted to share with all of you!!!!!

Thank you for reading this incredibly long post, and please feel free to share with others my miracle or never know how it may change someone's life forever- FOR GOD!!!!!

I pray that today you are BLESSED!!!  Praying for miracles in your life to show God to others who need HIM!  So glad to be turning 38 today because that means I have experienced a miracle that most don't get.  I have been Blessed with 30 years of life after surviving cancer- ALL BECAUSE OF GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!  PRAISING HIM TODAY AND ALWAYS!!!!


  1. HaPpY BiRtHdAy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Happy Birthday and thank you for sharing your miracle life with us all. I look forward to every post! Blessings!

  3. I am so happy you had a good day. I am so glad God saved you.