Wednesday, May 8, 2013

My big surprise and what is Michael doing now?

 So I told you there was a huge surprise waiting for me when I got home from the Chrsitian Alliance for Orphans Summit 9- This was my note on the door.  (I was gone from Early Wednesday until late Saturday.) 

**For those who may not know- we love watching "Property Brothers", "Love It or List It", and other such fun programs :).  He says Love it and list it, because we have dreamed of the possibility of moving.  Now that we are not tied down to a specific location we can move around within our neighborhoodish and not worry about how long it would take him to get to work.  :)  A dream.....for now.......
 So THIS is what he did!!! 
 OK so sorry no pre picture was taken- yes I told him he should have, but I had the camera with me....he he he yeah oh well.  What exactly did he do? 
 He repainted the room- a light earth tone
Bought new lamps, and decor
 He put together 3 frames he bought and filled them with 3 pictures of us.....awwwww
 He bought new bedside tables!!!  Now for some of you- you may be thinking- reallly?  But let me explain we have NEVER had bedside tables since we were married.  We had folding wooden tv trays ;) because we are that classy people! 
 He also got myself a power cord because since we have lived here (not the above pic, but the one above that) my bedside- tv tray could never plug in the phone, and the cell phone, and the lamp.....the things you do just because you kind of forget about them over time.  Our old lamps had gotten broken- shock right- and we tried to fix them, but the shade was still never repairable. 
 This window covering had a light purple material in it....he foudn some extra material from our curtains we have in the living room and made new coverings!  YES MY MAN CAN SEW!!!!  :)  I know I know- I am blessed!!!!  I do not take that for granted.
 Oh and he bought a new chair
Installed new closet doors (our were original to the house built over 40 years ago- ewww, gross no matter how many times we cleaned them).
And he installed a new fan!!!  At some point he will put our old one in the girls room because their fan has been broken.  :)
 Awww.......a retreat!!!  You know we didn't "need" this, but wow is it nice!!!  I love the fact that he thought about what we need, and said I will do that as a sweet sweet surprise to my wife.  Again- I am blessed!!! 

There are times I am frustrated with my hubby - being real.  BUT all the time I am grateful for him, for his talents, for his leadership in our home!!!!!!  :)
 YES- I know.....I need to write soooo much about the Christian Alliance for Orphans!!!!  I DO and I WILL.....but man.....look at all of this!!!! 
 I mean......all of this, and over 14 whole pages of notes!  That is probably more than I ever took in 4 years of college- just messin'......??  I will however sit down and put some thoughts down on paper- Promise :) 
NOW- CHECK THIS OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  To understand how big of a deal this is....let me tell you more about our miracle Michael. 

Michael has cerebral palsey, hiv positive (was way out of control when he was an infant due to not getting his meds), small head, had failure to thrive, autism?, and well a whole list of "stuff".  We aren't big into labels, but this short list gives you some ideas of where he has come from and is at now. 

Michael had just learned to crawl- with starting to hold up his head when he came to us.  He couldn't sit up without curling comepletely over.  When he sat on my lap he leaned completely into me because he just didn't have the muscle tone.  He didn't speak, but every now and again would make a noise.  He was just starting to show emotions.  We used to cheer when he came home if he threw a fit!  Put anything in his mouth- NO WAY!  He gagged and choked on his liquidy foods- stage 1 maybe 2!!!  He was on a bottle.  He held eye contact for maybe a second or two if you were really lucky.  He had just gotten glasses!  He had hearing issues off and on. 

Well now a year and 3 months later- he can sit up (his back is still a little rounded, but getting better all the time!  He can stand holding onto something for over 30min!  He babbles like a baby would- not as much as we would like, but he is doing well.  He can say mama, daddy, Michael, bye, and ball- realize this is not consistent, and sometimes he won't say a real word for several days, and then all of a sudden explode with words.  He can verbalize the alphabet sounds- but it is random and spotty.  He can walk with holding onto fingers.  He is working with weights to strengthen those leg muscles even more!  He sits up without needing assistence!  He is eating 3rd foods, and smashed foods from our plates (note he doesn't like it, but he can).  He can pull himself up!!! 

And now.........drum roll please......he is starting ever so slowly to put things in his mouth!!!  Not all the time.  But these teethers that vibrate like the strawberry one above- YES!  He has done this several times now.  We are also feeding him with a spoon as well as a - hmmm....don't know how to describe it, but it looks like a pacifier, but a little bigger and has holes in it.  The goal is to eventually get him to chew on it to get foods "out" and swallow them without fear of choking.  He he he.....a little tricky- yes!  But the first step was to get him to put it in his mouth to begin with not something he liked at first, but does now pretty easily. 

WOW OH WOW!!!  We are soo very proud of our little miracle man!  Today he had a Pediatric Infectious Disease appointment.  The nutritionist, the doctor, the nurses all love him to bits- of course!  But, they all noted how many new and huge things he is doing now.  We see these people every few months, and every time they are blown away- so are we!  God is AMAZING!!!! 

Michael Jason Wright you are a miracle!  Your story is hard, but God is so much Bigger and Greater!  You are a miracle set aside for HIS GLORY!  You will testify to the nations with your healing the wonderful works of HIS HANDS!  We know that HE has saved you, healed you, and continues to heal you for a purpose of giving HIM all the praise!  Rock on little man- Rock on!!!


  1. Okay, this bedroom makeover. I am misty just seeing it. What a thoughtful guy! ( all of our guys drive us crazy from time to time! So my dear, that's besides the point! I'm sure we dish it out too!) I can't wait to see y'all again soon! ( we will be down Labor Day weekend for a parents of Blind children conference, hope to get family time in too!)