Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Christian Alliance For Orphans Summit #9 pt.2

 Hello, as promised there is a lot more coming about Christian Alliance for Orphans!  :)  Above is Gretchen Sloan and Melissa Lazarra- friends from here in Brandon, FL and we all had a blast together! 
 Nicole C. Mullen and her husband have also adopted, and while she was there performing she brought along a group of young people that she helps mentor!  :)
 One of the speakers while we were there was Michelle Bauchmann.  She and her husband did foster care for years....countless children in her home.  Her response to those who say- I could never do foster care....The Lord broke our hearts.  Her encouragement:  Adding to the family doesn't diminish your love for others- it adds!  A child needs to know that at least 1 person in the world is crazy about them!  :) 
 One of the break out sessions I attended while I was there was Multiracial Family.  Now some of you may ask - ummm....Dawn don't you know you already are a multiracial family?  ;)  Why yes I do, but I was thankful I went because they had young adults there talking about how it was to grow up in a family like ours :). 

Some of the great things said during this session: 
I never want my children to feel a debt of gratitude.  In other words- my children don't owe me anything.  They are my family!  :)
If I would choose again I'd choose you!  You didn't have a choice initially- you have to rechoose to be in your family and want it. 
Scripture- Joseph adopted Jesus this was a PLAN A not PLAN B.  You are a fulfillment of God's Plan!
Are you ever going to go looking for your real parents?  Response:  I have already found my real parents.  It is sometimes hard when people outside the adoption community don't know the language. 
 How does it make you feel to be different?  Where are you from?  Other questions along that line.  Response:  Make sure your secure in your family.  Make sure your children know daily that they belong and they know they are a part of you. 
How much of your story do you share?  This is hard because we want to advocate for adoption, tell stories, but be careful to balance that out.  Make sure you have an open dialogue with your children about this.  It is their story!  Some may choose to share it openly.  Some children do not want to share any of it. 
Racism is hating the image of God.  Pretty powerful statement!
 Talk openly about any racism comments!  Make your whole family aware of how to respons appropriately that still shows Christ. 
Make your world colorful!  There are a million ways to do this, but if at all possible have friends that are of different skin colors (this is for everyone on the planet not just adoptive families).  Have a variety of dolls with various skin colors.  Listen to artists that have a variety of skin colors.  Look around your home, your art, your music, your movies, your pictures, everything- include variety!  It's the  spice of life! 
Teach your children that "their own kind" is humankind- we are all a part of God's family.  :) 

**From a personal point of view I think a good friend said it well when it comes to combining skin colors.  Don't make a fuss over it all the time, but don't ignore it either.  You have to combine it into your everyday lives.  Let it just become a part of who you are.  :)
 Now this is Jimmy Wayne, and if you have not heard his testimony YOU NEED TO!!!!!  AS IN RIGHT NOW GO HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Seriously you will be BLESSED!!!!!! 
David Platt spoke as well- and I will elaborate more on that in another post, but here is another clip that you can hear a little part of his testimony about adoption :). 


  1. I have a couple of questions. I am obsessed with adoption but it's just absolutely not going to happen for us. We don't qualify anywhere and due to a contentious divorce over 20 years ago my husband had orders of protection against him so we don't qualify for foster care either.

    I want to support others that are adopting or have adopted but due to a job change our finances are tight. There is a family in our church currently adopting 2 boys from another country. I've not met them yet but have heard about them and their adoption process through friends. I don't want to intrude but I was wondering about how to help them. They are just in the final fundraising phase. I thought about asking the church to have a "shower" for her. They have 3 small children but the boys they are adopting will be teenagers so they will need teenage type of things. Or a food shower where we give them freezer meals, etc.. Is it intrusive? How would you feel if someone asked you to do that for you? Especially if you didn't know them? What is the most helpful thing that you could have done for you?

    1. I think that idea is absolutely FANTASTIC!!!!! LOVE IT!!!

      YES- helping people in this way is HUGE! :) I would say those kind of gestures are some of the most amazing ever. We have 9 children and have never had a shower- because people just didn't know.... Even things like giving gift cards for places to eat out, or target, etc. BUT definitely freezer meals, etc. I would find it WONDERFUL no matter who it was from :)!!!