Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Recap on our 13th Anniversary get away

Let me share a little about how AWESOME my husband is :) You see he loves me so much, our children, but most importantly he Loves God!
You see this smile on my face it is because he is loving and nurturing.
This was me zooming in on my handsome guy. I mean....couldn't resist. Want to know why??
Because He Loves learning more about protecting innocent children....from killing, from being left as orphans, from not knowing our Heavenly Father, from slavery.......He wants and loves to protect God's Children!
In addition he talked to the man who runs this plantation and got us a sweet deal on staying here for our anniversary! YEAH!!! This is a once a year thing. We just don't go away- we have 8 beautiful reasons to stay :) So this is rare, and sometimes hard for my mommy's heart, but good for my love on my husband heart!

What were we thinking when we took this pic- Look at how many children we could have if we lived here!!! I mean really. The house was massive!!!! I think we could easily take in a LOT MORE!!! he he he he......

So let me tell you more about this amazing man I have the privilege of calling husband. He gets up at 6am to have devotions before going to work.
He misses his children when he doesn't get to spend much time with them. He reads devotions to them daily.
He talks about the Word of God with them.
He cuddles with our babies, hugs and kisses his children, and takes pride in their accomplishments.
He wants to be home.
He loves supporting me in taking care of them and homeschooling.
He is an excellent chef and loves cooking- bonus for ME and our children.
He does the laundry to help out as well....considering that is an average of over 2 loads a day- He is AMAZING!
He loves me and courts me.
He loves talking to me about what I think, and how we can honor God more.
He prays with me.
He works hard to make sure our family knows God.
He has an amazing voice and plays the keyboard- and I get to help led music with him sometimes at church, and at our camp too.

And if you want to read his heart for on the last post. Yep- told you he is amazing :)


  1. Looks amazing (and relaxing)!!!!!

    13yrs... awesome. You guys are super cute!

    God Bless...

  2. Yep ... you do have a wonderful husband!

    You forgot one thing, though. Not only does this man do the laundry, but HE MAKES THE HOMEMADE LAUNDRY SOAP, too.

    :) :) :)

  3. Soooooo sweet. :o)And I really want to stay at that mansion! And maybe have some more kids there. But NOT clean it. :)

  4. Y'all must have been married within a week or two of us. We'll be celebrating 13 years on Monday! What a beautiful home and property to celebrate in--sounds like a memorable getaway!

  5. Beautiful!! Both the setting and the words!! Happy Anniversary!

  6. You are blessed my friend. Truly blessed!!

  7. A wonderful husband deserves a wonderful wife like you. Your husband is an awesome man of God, and your love for him is clear as crystal.

    And he makes the soap?? hahaa, too cool! Don't be bashful Jason, you've got it going on :D

    What a lovely house you stayed at, I can totally see all you guys feasting at that table, with not a chair empty. :D
    All God's best!