Wednesday, August 6, 2014

We leave tomorrow......

 So just some pics of our family as we went to visit our Life Group leaders and friends- for some swim time...... 
 So some fun stats about our upcoming in we leave early tomorrow! 
1300 miles to get there which will be spread out into 3 - 8 hour days.  We have learned that for us unless it is under 15 hours we spread it out.  That way we keep some of our sanity, our kids have the evenings to stretch their legs, and we actually don't miss out on our family time.  You know where you all talk and look at each other (hard to do in a 15 passenger van).  
 We will be in Iowa!  Where I spent 30 years of my life!!!  Home of HUGE pork chops, corn as high as an elephant's eye by the 4th of July!  Mostly small town living at it's finest with many farmers around. 

We will be visiting clients while we are there, staying at a camp that Jason and I met at, visiting some of our children's birth mother- (please be praying about this as of course this is a big deal and we are thrilled and yes there are a million emotions for our children, for us, and for their birth family), going to the Iowa State Fair, meeting up with family, and chillin' breathing in God's mercies!!! 
 Then we will travel down to Missouri- stopping to visit some Christian Adoption Consultant friends on our way through!!!  YEA!!!! 

My parents moved about the same time we did to the Branson, MO area.  So we have rented a cabin- again to visit my parents, visit some clients in the area, and chillax in the pool!!!  Breathe in God's blessing on our family!!!
 Yesterday I packed pretty much the whole day.  Today I loaded it all up except a few last minute things and a cooler for water, milk for Michael, meds for Michael, and a few cool snacks.  I think last night I counted 3 bags of snacks, diaper bag, 3 large suitcases, 5 small carry on type pieces, 3 laptops, double stroller, toys- each child packs a small bag of toys/books, backpack to carry Michael on hikes around the camp, portable seat for Michael, and a partridge in a pear tree ;).
 Of course we have brought bedding with us as well in one of the suitcases.  We will be staying with friends on the way too and from except one night.  So we booked a couple of hotel rooms for that night. 
 Now we realize that vacations are a privilege and not a right.  We take our vacations seriously because the money God has blessed us with we want to spend on memories!  Times laughing and being silly.  Times dedicated to focusing on our children and ourselves.  We haven't planned anything expensive for this trip, but will treat our children to special things we don't normally do - like eat out. 
So here we go!!!  2 more children to be tested for home school, clean up the house, finish some work things, and sleep well because tomorrow we rise early!!  :) 


  1. We are heading to Iowa in September to go to a Homeschool Family Camp at Village Creek Bible Camp near Lansing IA. What camp did you meet at?

    We live in Olathe, Kansas right outside of Kansas City, MO. If you are coming through we would love to have your family over for dinner or meet at a park! I feel like our families have so much in common!

    Safe travels!
    Maureen Werner

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