Monday, September 10, 2012

Who are you cheering for?

 Today's pictures brought to you by The Great Smoky Mountains, and by the crazy Wright Family, and by silly rock games.  Sponsored by GOD!  :)  he he he he.....

Well, blogger just put my pictures up today randomly??  So this in not in order.  We hiked up to Clingman's Dome first- nice and early.   Highest point I believe in the GSM, and then after a 1/2 mile trek hiking up a 90 degree angle (ok it wasn't 90 degree angle, but I promise you it felt like it) you then hike up a concrete ramp that takes you even higher! 

It is a great view, but makes your legs feel like they are on fire legs hurt a bit.  Especially the next day. 
 We ate our picnic this day at the Chimney Top picnic area and afterwards my crazy kids followed their fearless leader - DADDY- back into the freezing mountain streams to play a bit.  I do not follow, but I take pictures and laugh instead :).  Michael was with me and we hung out and chatted about how crazy our family is, but hey, he loves us anyway!
 So this last Sunday our pastor Greg Dumas preached on partnering with others to release the power of God in your life! 

One of many scriptures was from

Matthew 18:18-20 

18 “Truly I tell you, whatever you bind on earth will be[a] bound in heaven, and whatever you loose on earth will be[b] loosed in heaven.

19 “Again, truly I tell you that if two of you on earth agree about anything they ask for, it will be done for them by my Father in heaven. 20 For where two or three gather in my name, there am I with them.”
 Today as I was reading the Crucifixion story of Jesus in Mark it hit me that sometimes we are actually just as bad as the crowds as they are shouting CRUCIFY!  CRUCIFY!  CRUCIFY!
 We are actually CHEERING for Barabbas.  ACTUALLY CHEERING!  How does this happen?  Why do we do that? 
 I think if the truth be told we are guilty of what the people that day were guilty of.  We stand with the crowds.  We stand with them and we cheer for the WRONG SIDE.  At the time I think sometimes it actually feels like the right side..........
 Sometimes we just get confused and everything seems to be right, but in the end I pray we feel convicted. 
 To see that we are ON THE WRONG SIDE.  To see that we are loosing things on earth that are NOT meant to be loosed.....least of all by those who say they are Christians. 
 We should be binding up:  poverty, fear, satan, disgrace, and pride......
 And instead loosing: prosperity- of heart mind and soul to do more for CHRIST, prosperity of our relationships in our families, workplaces, and with our family of God, strength in God, miracles, healing, and LOVE! 
 Somewhere in it all we get confused.  We think that we are doing good at being Christians.  We are following the "Christian crowds" even, but somehow we still get lost. 
 God wants to pull us out of that crowd and say to us.......what are you really saying, feeling, and loving?  Is it ME or someone else?  Are you following hard after me or walmart?  Are you following hard after me or some idea of what you think you have to be to everyone else?  Are you following hard after me or what the world says you should want? 
 In Acts 22 it tells of the family of God working, worshiping, and sharing everything.  What our pastor pointed out was that this very closeness to the community of God was happening while Christians were being tared, feathered, and set on fire to light up the Roman roads.  THAT my friends is pretty hard core!
 I can't even imagine what it would be like to face that kind of persecution...........let that really sink in- tared, feathered, and set on fire.
 All for Jesus Christ!  To know HIM more deeply.  To just love more openly.  To just share together more. 
 What are we waiting for?  Why are we still sitting around hoping our neighbors, friends, relatives and others we meet will hopefully find out about God?  WE ARE THE CHURCH!!!!  IT IS ALL OF OUR JOBS TO REACH OUT- NOW! 
 We should be doing everything short of sin to reach others for HIM!!!!!!!
 To accomplish more with less- we don't need big and fancy- we NEED MORE OF HIM!
 We need to get together MORE to accomplish more!!  Strength in numbers. 
 We need a micro church and a mega vision!
 Have I mentioned that I love our church....not just because of the lights, the amazing worship team, or those sermons that make you squirm and realize that you CAN FOLLOW HIM, and LEAD OTHERS, but because they preach the truth.  They are not perfect, but man I love sharing this life with others who are going in the same direction :).
 God's gifts to us are so much more Blessed when we really truly take a look at them and think am I using my gifts to release a Barabbas spirit or the Spirit of Jesus? 
 I pray you will be inspired......BY GOD!  By HIS LOVE FOR YOU!  Today HE has died on the cross for your sins!  HE did this so that we can live with HIM in HEAVEN FOREVER!  Jesus did not mean for you to say- well that's nice.....what's for lunch.  He GAVE His life freely so that you could know true freedom in Him.  I pray that you hear His Heart today.  That you listen for His Whispers in your ear.  That you share Christ today and from now on with your family, friends, and I pray that you are connected in a church where others can encourage you and you can encourage them too. 

If you have any questions about Jesus, or how to become a Christian....I freely invite you to email me anytime!!!  I would love to show you my Savior who loves me sooo unbelievable much that He died for me, a sinner. 
 So just a  few tidbits to end this looonnngggg post with a million pictures.......
 This was my favorite flower that I kept seeing over and over again on our hikes and picnics :)
I loved seeing the Beauty God painted in the trees, flowers, and mountains
 Loved dj'ing in the car with the IPOD
Seeing Joanna's crazy moves- car dancing is where it is at
 Family dinners filled with laughter and silliness
 Daddy carrying both the littles- that my friends is over 50lbs worth!  That is pure love!
 Driving the crazy curvy mountain roads
 Eating fun treats like brownie cheesecake ice cream!  YUM!
 Roasting big marshmallows - just Jason and I alone and talking for hours.......
 Michael turned each page of a cardboard book!  WAHOOO!!!
 Turning off onto side roads just to look at some log cabins for fun
 Looking at all the little shops along the way and stopping at a few of them
 Daddy painting Abigail's fingernails like little British Flags
 Family worship around the piano
 Daddy playing ping pong with the kiddos
 Listening to the sounds and taking in the smells of the countryside......ahhhhhhhh.........

Not to mention just taking time to appreciate the wonderful family God has given to me!!!!!!  :)

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  1. So glad that this wasn't a political post...wasn't so sure when I saw the title. :) Ha! So many encouraging words and fabulous pictures!